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Wario is a playable character in <a href="Mushroom Kingdom Fusion">Mushroom Kingdom Fusion</a> and member of the <a href="Mushroom Kingdom Coalition">Mushroom Kingdom Coalition</a>. He joins the Coalition just so that Legion doesn't destroy the universe and therefore his money.

[edit] N-Concepts of MKF Wario

Wario generally follows his Wario Land style of gameplay, adapted for the traditional Mario gameplay.

  • Wario is the slowest character in the game. His top speed increases to Mario's in high-speed sections or when he acquires a Starman.
  • Wario's jumping is slightly worse than Mario, due to his lack of momentum.
  • Wario can stomp almost any enemy that would normally hurt Mario and the others (like Spinys, Piranha Plants, but not bosses).
  • Special Jump: Dash Attack (Side + Attack). An offensive move that kills most <a href="https://www.paydayloanranger.com">payday loans online</a> enemies. Can be used once in mid-air to cross large pits. It ignores gravity. Wario can run off a cliff edge and keep moving forward during a Dash Attack.

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